Naya Tech is a Database, Big Data and Cloud consulting and professional services provider, with offices in San Jose, CA and Boston, MA. Our expertise is in planning, deploying, migrating, and managing business database systems for large companies and leading startups. From data platform architecture design, all the way through the implementation process, our best in class consultants serve with unwavering commitment and dedication to your critical data and database systems requirements. Based on our decade of database industry expertise across all major platforms, we have created a unique migration solution that enables seamless migration from one database platform to another (both on-premise and to the cloud), for example, migrating from commercial databases to PostgreSQL, MySQL, and AWS Aurora.



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What We Do

Use your data to grow your company’s business



Security & Compliance

Professional services for enhancing security including encryption, auditing, access control, DBMS firewall and ensuring compliance with required security standards.

  • McAfee Sentrigo Database Firewall
  • Firewall and Auditing
  • Encryption
  • Network encryption for data safety.
  • Database Hardening
  • Compliance & regulatory standards

Big Data

Architecture & Implementation

Unlock further insights from your data using the power of next generation Big Data technologies.

  • Designing, implementing and supporting NoSQL databases
  • Experts in Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, MarkLogic and NuoDB
  • Data Science and Spark development
  • RDBMS to NoSQL migrations and integrations.

Cloud DB

Migrate to AWS/GCS/Azure

Experts for private and public cloud platforms. Migrate to AWS/GCS/Azure.

  • Design, implement and administration of “DB in the Cloud” solutions
  • Migrate and manage your databases in AWS, GCS and Azure
  • Implement Databases-As-a-Service solutions such as AWS Redshift
  • Enhance Security for your Cloud Database solution


Boost Your Databases

Maximize your big data performance by meeting and exceeding required scale.

  • Performance-proof your db to meet current and future workloads
  • Enable scale-out db deployments
  • Optimize database data model and data access patterns