Established in 2009, NAYA Tech is a leading provider of database and managed IT services in the USA and worldwide. We’ve become the dominant global leader in database consulting, with over 100 employees serving hundreds of customers globally.

Our vision keeps us focused on what we strive for – being the global leader in DBA services, DBA support, 24×7 all around DB solution company; providing and protecting what is most vital for our clients: Healthy, operating, near 100% up at full capacity organizational database systems.

Our firm provides everything from data platform architecture design through implementation and 24/7/365 support for mission critical systems. NAYA has assembled some of the best database professionals for all major commercial and Open Source Technologies including: SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MarkLogic, NuoDB, CouchBase, MongoDB… and many others.

NAYA is one of the fastest growing consultant firms in the market, with teams that provide clients with the peace of mind they need when it comes to their critical data and database systems.

NAYA Tech is based in San Jose, California and Boston, Massachusetts.

Executive Team
Yair Rozilio, CEO & Founder NAYA TECH

Yair Rozilio, CEO & Founder
Founded NAYA in 2009 and served as the CEO ever since. Yair lead NAYA to become the dominant global leader in database consulting with over 100 employees serving hundreds of customers globally. Yair is a veteran executive with over a decade of senior management experience in the technological professional services industry with a background as a database professional and a leading database instructor.

David Yahalom

David Yahalom, CTO & Founder
Joined NAYA in 2010 as CTO and is the Co-Founder of NAYA’s Silicon Valley HQ. David has over 14 years of experience as a database architect and hands-on DBA specializing in relational databases, Hadoop & BigData and next-generation NoSQL technologies. David is Oracle & Cloudera certified and a published author on databases and BigData.


Smadar Peled, VP of Training
Joined NAYA in 2011 as VP of Training to lead NAYA’s training, worldwide. Smadar has years of experience in managing training operations for BTB and B2C.


elad katav

Elad Katav, Business Development
Joined NAYA in 2015, serving our Boston office. With more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, Elad leads the vendors partnerships programs.

Chen Shacham

Chen Shaham, Director
Joined Naya in 2010 as HR manager, to lead Naya’s human resources and recruiting. Chen is a dynamic, goal-driven and accomplished professional, bringing years of success in human resources, recruiting, and organizational development within Naya. Chen leads Naya’s professional services and operations, development, and implementation of business strategies, with the intent of exceeding our business goals and objectives.

Geri K

Gerianna Karlstrom, Marketing Consultant
Joined NAYA in 2016 as SEO / SEM consultant. Bringing over 16 years of experience in successful website optimization, marketing and development.