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Expert MySQL & PostgreSQL Consulting Services

Fuse the capabilities of the world’s most popular opensource database with our expertise & best practices

NAYA Tech’s expert MySQL service goes well beyond just “vanilla” MySQL and includes deep Galera, Percona and MariaDB know-how. We specialize in enabling high availability and high-performance MySQL architectures for in-the-Cloud or on-premises deployments.

High Availability & Scalability

By using MySQL Galera cluster Multi-Master technologies, we enable MySQL to reach never-before-possible levels of performance and high availability. Using Galera Clustering technology we can deploy MySQL in an Active/Active configuration. This allows automatic load-balancing and failover allowing MySQL to compete head-to-head with the most expensive and proprietary commercial database high availability solutions.

Percona Server

NAYA’s extensive hands-on production experience with Percona’s versions of MySQL allows our customers to utilize MySQL advanced capabilities and opensource nature while enjoying the added capabilities, features and vendor-backed support that Percona can provide.

Load Balancing

Leverage a distributed and scalable MySQL architecture with automatic application-side or database-side load balancing with our production experiences with NGINX & MariaDB MaxScale load-balancers.

SQL Performance Tuning

Make sure your MySQL databases are running at peak performance! Using a combination of custom-developed scripts and utilities alongside MySQL’s own Slow Query Log and Performance Schema, our experts can help assure your applications are getting the SLA they require from your database.

Application Development

NAYA’s software engineers and application DBAs can help your developers with designing and building smart, scalable and high-performance applications with a MySQL database backend – everything from schema design to data partitioning and SQL performance tuning.

Proactive Monitoring

Detect and resolve problems in your MySQL databases before they impact your applications and cause downtime. Our MySQL DBAs specialize in deploying and using various proactive MySQL monitoring solutions. These solutions include MonYog, Nagios, as well as MySQL Enterprise Monitor to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you MySQL servers are running at peak performance.

Large-Scale MySQL Cloud Deployments

Leverage our experience in managing 24×7 mission-critical production MySQL databases in Amazon AWS, GCS and Azure. This will enable your next generation Cloud-scalable MySQL architectures: everything from extreme high availability to automatic scalability during peak usage. Our team of consultants can help design, deploy and manage your desired MySQL Cloud architectures.

MySQL on Docker Containers

NAYA’s consultants combine the skills and best practices of our Cloud DevOps engineers with the in-depth knowledge from our MySQL DBA team. This enables next-generation scalable MySQL architectures running on Docker. Enable MySQL automatic provisioning, orchestration, scale and high-availability on-premises on your own Dockerized infrastructure, or in the Cloud by leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Store or Azure Container Service.

“Naya’s seasoned team of database experts are talented and proven leaders who deliver results…”  – Dirk Hamstra, VP of Customer Success / Nuodb