NoSQL Database Consulting

Reduce costs, improve performance, gain more efficient database architecture

NAYA Tech’s consulting team can help you successfully migrate to a NoSQL database. We’re certified in Hadoop HBase, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchBase, NuoDB and other leading NoSQL technologies that will enable your organization to unlock the power of the next-generation database architecture.

NoSQL Database Architecture Design

Tap into our deep knowledge and production expertise with the most popular and powerful NoSQL databases in the market. We’ll help you choose the right NoSQL technologies, design the correct next-generation database architectures and transition into implementation and support with ease!

Our Database Architects are experts in helping companies choose and implement the right technologies according to their business requirements. Just describe the business challenges you’re trying to solve and we’ll bring the correct set of proven NoSQL technologies to the table.

Hadoop HBase

Leverage the power of your Hadoop BigData infrastructure for operational processing! Combine the powerful advantages Hadoop offers for data analytics and data science with realtime data access and processing via Hadoop HBase. Either on-premise or in the Cloud, our Hadoop team can provide you with the HBase professional services you require – from Hadoop/Hbase architecture design to 24×7 support as well as guarantee that your applications can unlock the full processing potential of HBASE, using both Apache Phoenix and native HBase API.

Apache Cassandra

As certified DataStax partner and Apache Cassandra experts, we can allow you to unlock the full world-leading potential Cassandra provides in terms of performance, scalability and high availability! From small to large-scale Cassandra clusters, on-premise or in the Cloud, our experienced consultants can help you design, deploy, config, manage, support and secure your Cassandra deployments. In addition to our extensive expertise in deploying and managing production Cassandra clusters, our development teams are specialists in enhancing existing Data Access Layers (DALs) to emulate complex transactions on top of Cassandra,  when the business use-case arise.


Leverage the power and capabilities of one of the world’s most popular and widely used NoSQL databases. It allows for full data model flexibility, high availability and cutting edge performance that is also very easy to setup and support. NAYA’s experience with MongoDB goes beyond just “MongoDB” and includes hands-on production expertise with MongoDB replication, sharding, automatic failover, MapReduce, and other advanced use cases. Our MongoDB experts can help supercharge your existing MongoDB architecture so that you can meet and exceed your future application needs.


Accelerate your NoSQL Document Store performance to the next level with our expertise in maintaining and supporting production CouchBase clusters combining the scalability and performance of NoSQL, flexibility of JSON with the power of the SQL language. Make sure you tap into the full performance potential your Couchbase cluster using our best-practices for Couchbase deployment and configuration. From proper index design to Cross-Datacenter Replication (XDCR), our professional teams will make sure you Couchbase clusters are bullet-proof!


Combining the core concepts of relational databases – such as tables, transactions & ACID compliancy with the “secret sauce” of NoSQL database – such as scalability and flexibility, NuoDB is changing the way companies are thinking about the traditional relational databases. Our unique partnership with NuoDB positions us as leaders in designing and maintaining production NuoDB databases including turney migration projects as well as everything from 24X7 support to converting your existing application to maximize NuoDB compatibility and features.

ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana

The world leading full-text search and analytics database deserves the world’s leading ElasticSearch professionals. Our ElasticSearch experts have proven experience in maintaining and optimizing production ElasticSearch clusters both in AWS (including Amazon ElasticSearch Service) as well as on-premise deployments. From performance tuning your ElasticSearch clusters, indexing and sharding best practices to creating powerful analytics using the ELK stack, let our experts make sure you succeed in unlocking the full potential of ElasticSearch as well as maintain a robust and secure production deployment.

“NAYA’s seasoned team of database experts are talented and proven leaders who deliver results and help us achieve our customer satisfaction goals.”
– Dirk Hamstra, VP of Customer Success / Nuodb