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Expert Oracle Consulting Services

Get the most from your databases!

Tap into NAYA Tech’s team of certified Oracle Database Administrators to unlock the full potential of your databases – from daily administration to complex longer-term projects. We’ll provide you the solutions you’ll need to meet and exceed your business requirements when running Oracle Database, either remotely or on-site.

Database High Availability, Scalability and DR

NAYA are experts in designing, deploying, managing and supporting Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle DataGuard. This allows your databases to achieve the highest level of SLA, using the most advanced Oracle database technologies possible.


Oracle 12c provides a host of new feature and capabilities across all areas of database functionality including multi-tenanty, development, high availability, disaster recovery, performance and more!

We can provide zero-downtime upgrades from your existing 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g Oracle databases to Oracle 12c using a combination of advanced CDC (Change Data Capture & Delivery) technologies and our expertise in database performance tuning and query design to make sure none of your existing applications break!

Database Performance Tuning

Performance-proof your database. Let us accelerate your database to new levels of performance with our expert DBAs specializing in performance tuning of databases. Let us work with your on-site DBAs, application developers and IT teams to make sure you get the most “bang for the buck” out of your Oracle database. Using a combination of Oracle technologies such as AWR & ASH reports, SQL tuning, SQL Monitoring, SQL profiling as well as our industry leading expertise in tuning huge Oracle database for some of the world’s largest companies.

Proactive Monitoring and Health-checks

Detect potential database problems before they become critical and cause downtime. Our consultants specialize in deploying, managing and fine-tuninig Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Grid Control, Quest Spotlight and Foglight at large scale. We will create the monitoring and management infrastructure that can provide all the required proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities your database operations rely on.

Oracle Schema Development and Scalable ERD Design

We support application development teams with writing efficient SQL code and optimizing the Data Access Layer for high TPS and maximum scalability.

Security and Compliance

Prevent database hacks and security breaches. Our DB security consultants can help maintain your database safe and secure, from top to bottom.

NAYA uses a combination of end-to-end security compliance, utilizing Oracle’s Data Encryption and Advanced Security features, Oracle Database Vault, Oracle Database Auditing, Oracle Virtual Private Database as well as database firewalls and activity monitoring, using Imperva and Sentrigo.

Database in The Cloud!

Provide your Oracle Databases with easier scalability, increased high availability and dramatically reduced operational costs. Leverage our expertise with deploying and managing multi-tenant Oracle Databases in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and the Oracle Cloud.

MyOracle GoldenGate

Leave no data in silos! Leverage Oracle’s GoldenGate technology to enable easy CDC (Continuous Data Capture & Delivery) to stream realtime data in heterogenous environments. Either for zero-downtime database upgrade, for HA & DR or for streaming data from operational databases to your Data Warehouse or Hadoop cluster. Our experts can help you create and maintain your GoldenGate data-streaming architecture to unlock seamless data integration between various databases, platforms, applications and environments.

Engineered Solutions: Exadata & ODA

Reduce operational costs, increase robustness and maximize performance by consolidating your DIY Oracle database servers into one of Oracle’s flagship Engineered solutions: Exadata and the Oracle Database Appliance. As a certified Oracle Engineered Solutions implementation partner, let us help with the integration of Exadata or ODA into your existing Oracle ecosystem: from capacity planning, design, implementation to daily support.

“NAYA provided eToro with exemplary consulting services, professional on-site training, creative problem solving and all with the highest degree of personal attention.”
– Dvir Greenberg, VP Products OPS / eToro