Remote DBA Services

Remote DBA Services

Remote database administration, 24×7 onshore support and best-in-class on-demand services

NAYA Tech experts brings onshore remote worry-free DBA services across all major database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop and more. We take care of everything from monitoring, backup and recovery, HA&DR to day-to-day administration, including application performance tuning.

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Full DBA Consulting Services

NAYA Tech’s senior team of over 100 consultants are some of the best DBA experts in the industry, each bringing a minimum of 10 years experience. Since 2009, companies, corporations and enterprises around the globe have been benefitting from our dedicated professionals. They provide end-to-end support, making sure your databases are optimized, safe, secure and highly available.

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Supplemental DBA Service

As your trusted  DBA service provider, NAYA Tech can augment your existing DBA staff with the highest level of supplemental support, when you need it most. Your IT/DBA team can then concentrate on applications that drive your business while we monitor for issues and proactively keep your database systems running at peak performance. Our flexible team will work with you to handle your growing needs while helping keep your operating costs down.

Benefits of Supplemental DBA Support:

• 24×7 Onshore or On-site Services: Take advantage of our dedicated 100+ senior DBAs – 24/7/365
• Expert Knowledge:  Access superior technical expertise
• Cost Effectiveness: No need to hire new, full-time DBAs when your staff is overwhelmed
• Overloaded Staff: Let our experts help share the workload with a higher level of support. We have you covered during crunch times, employee turnover, vacation time and off-hours
• Customized SLAs: We can tailor your Service Level Agreement to match your exact business needs

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Proactive Healthcheck

We periodically connect to your production environments and perform extensive db health checks using our custom-created scripts and programs. These are based on industry leading best practices created from managing thousands of production databases across over 300 customers worldwide. A detailed report of findings, gaps, recommendations and actions performed will be sent to the customer at the end of each health check.

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Ad-Hoc Remote DBA Services

Schedule on-demand time with our top experts for any type of db project or service you require – no task is too big or too small.

“Overall we have been very pleased with our partnership with NAYA.”
– Dirk Hamstra, VP of Customer Success / Nuodb”