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Our experts deliver best in class training on the most innovative database and Big Data technologies

We offer our customers a unique experience, combining professional services with on-site and remote training. This winning combination contributes to the success of our clients, who directly learn from our engaging experts the implementation of databases, Big Data and Cloud platforms and technologies.

As a certified training partner for leading vendors like Cloudera, DataStax, Microsoft, and as a consulting company that specializes in Data Platform professional services, our experts combine the academic know-how with actual hands-on “in the field” experience, to deliver great training in the most innovative database and Big Data technologies. The hand-picked recordings of courses and webinars you’ll find on this page have been designed and delivered by our team to present how cutting-edge Data Platform technologies can solve real-world business challenges.

FREE Webinar: Introduction to the new features of ORACLE 12.2 and the Oracle Cloud

Fresh from Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, their latest database software – 12cR2 (12.2) has been announced as a Cloud-only product (at least for now) and marks a new era of innovation. Building on its unique multi-tenant architecture and in-memory technology, 12cR2 is able to drive robust enterprise workloads better than ever. It also includes several new features and enhancements in key areas such as performance, security, multi-tenancy, high availability, reliability, Big Data integration and more! It’s a great opportunity to take a more hands-on approach with the Oracle Cloud platform and gain the skills required for the wave of next-generation “in the cloud” databases.

Recorded Course: Oracle 12c Database Administration Fundamentals

Oracle Database 12c is the world’s leading relational database management system. In this 4-hour course, our CTO David Yahalom provides an overview of this powerful database, focusing on those brand new to the software. David covers the Oracle database architecture in detail, including the shared pool, buffer cache, and physical and logical storage structures. He also discusses concepts such as tablespaces, data files, and redo logs. He then moves onto installation and configuration of the database itself, reviewing the Oracle CLI and GUI administration and development tools and typical administration tasks, including backup and recovery.

Recorded Course: Oracle 12c New Features Course

Oracle 12c is often considered the next generation of the Oracle database. It’s one of the most radically enhanced versions of the Oracle database in recent years, boasting an array of new features and capabilities for developers and DBAs. Mastering these new features is essential to fully utilizing the capacities of Oracle 12c.

In this course, David Yahalom shows how to take advantage of the most useful new enhancements available in Oracle 12c. From the pluggable database architecture—which enables easy multitenancy and cloud deployments—to the new In-Memory Column Store—that can dramatically boost analytical query performance—David helps you master all the top new features.

Recorded Course: MySQL Galera Case Study

MySQL Galera Multi-Master Cluster enables never-before-possible levels of performance and high availability for MySQL. In this short (and to the point!) case study video we will provide a brief overview on how one of our customers was able to reach 99.999% high availability at extreme scale using open source MySQL database technology, all running in AWS. Technologies: MySQL, Galera, AWS Dockers.

“Overall we have been very pleased with our partnership with NAYA.”
– Dirk Hamstra, VP of Customer Success / Nuodb”