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Technology White Papers & Case Studies – We believe that behind every successful project there is an interesting and innovating case study that can be leveraged to help future clients solve their business challenges using our unique combination of data technologies know-how and implementation methodologies. The White Papers you will find on this page are published by our team of expert consultants and provide the opportunity for us to capture and share our experience “from the field” in designing, deploying and managing complex Big Data architectures and database solutions.

Security: NAYA DB Security Checklist

Several key domains play part of a successful & robust database security implementation strategy. In our white paper we present a database security checklist to make sure your databases are safe and secure. This white paper can help you stop data breaches by protecting your critical and sensitive database.

Data Science Case-Study: using Hadoop and Spark to increase free-to-paid user conversion revenue

One of our customer is a leading company that operates in online and mobile gaming. Their platform provides “freemium” type applications that allow users to experience a free version of their product with restricted functionality and pay to unlock the “premium” version that includes additional “assets” and unrestricted functionality.
In our white paper, we present a full-stack DataScience and analytical architecture that can identify the activity patterns leading a free user to purchase premium content. Our solution was able to map the specific ways each one of the successfully converted free users interacted with the application and identity common paths that were shared among all converted users.
Data platform: Amazon EMR Hadoop
Data Processing: Spark
Front-end analytics: Tableau

Leveraging Big Data for the commercial lending industry

The industry for commercial lending is undergoing substantial changes fueled by the Big Data revolution. Because of BigData and Data Science, lenders now face less risk. More knowledge means less uncertainty and can help better predict which loans are too risky to make and which ones need to be adjusted. Using Big Data, lenders can extend the scope of loan scoring beyond just credit scores and structured data. Relying on various external unstructured data sources can provide a competitive edge in determining how risky lending money to a specific business is. With a combination of BigData and Data Science, next-generation lending scoring algorithms can include factors that were previously inaccessible.

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