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DB Security Services & Data Compliance – Best Practices

We provide you with the peace of mind knowing your data is safe

NAYA Tech offers professional database security services including: encryption, auditing, access control and DBMS firewall. We’ll insure your compliance with required data security standards.

Database Security Services & Management

  • McAfee Sentrigo: NAYA Tech is a McAfee implementation partner for Sentrigo Vulnerability Assessment and Database Activity Monitoring products

  • Firewall and Auditing: Protecting databases using sophisticated DB firewalls and custom code for end-to-end activity auditing

  • Encryption: Transparent data encryption and network encryption for enterprise db platforms

  • DB Hardening: Enforce strict TECLO, Financial and Governmental compliance and regulatory requirements for enterprise databases

Benefits of Working with NAYA Tech

  • We’re the dominant global leader in database consulting with over 100 employees serving hundreds of clients worldwide

  • We’ve assemble some of the best db professionals for all major commercial and Open Source technologies
  • Each of our consultants average a minimum ten years experience

  • Our teams deliver on-shore services 24/7/365

  • We’re one of the fastest growing technology consultant firms in the USA

“I strongly recommend NAYA as the leading database vendor for all our projects at IBM.”
– Amir H. / IT Manager, IBM