SQL Performance Tuning & SLA Consultants

Tuning your database performance so that you’ll meet your transaction SLA & required user load

Maximize your database performance potential with NAYA Tech’s team of performance tuning experts offering guaranteed results for rapid access to critical data, reduced hardware and license costs. Meet your company’s demanding SLAs.

Oracle & SQL Server Performance Tuning Solutions

  • Schema development and scalable ERD design: Supporting development teams with writing efficient SQL code and optimizing the Data Access Layer for high TPS and maximum scalability

  • Performance-proof your database

  • Migration from a relational data model to a NoSQL database

  • Scaling Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL database

  • Oracle AWR, ASH and SQL tuning: Review and analyze Oracle AWR, ASH reports and SQL execution plans and provide concrete tuning recommendations

  • Oracle Cloud Control 12c: Proactive enterprise grade tuning and monitoring with Oracle Cloud Control 12c

Benefits of Working with NAYA Tech

  • We’re one of the fastest growing db consulting firms in the USA with 100+ employees, serving hundreds of clients worldwide

  • Each of our experts average a minimum ten years experience

  • Our teams deliver on-shore services, 24/7/365

  • We’ve assemble some of the best db professionals for all major commercial and Open Source technologies

“Throughout the years as a client, NAYA provided eToro with exemplary consulting services, professional on-site training, creative problem solving and all with the highest degree of personal attention.” – Dvir Greenberg, VP Products OPS / eToro